European Register
of Certificated Auditors
ERCA certification is an independent and impartial
process that proves professional
competence and skills of individuals.

Personal certification

Certification schemes

ERCA provides personal certification in many fields, across a range of industrial sectors covering a variety of employment positions. ERCA certification is based on certification schemes, which contain a precise description of the minimum skills and knowledge requirements that a certified person must have.

Certification schemes are based upon updated key standards, such as ISO 19001, ISO 17021, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22000, ISO 50000, HACCP Regulation and others.

There are two ways how to become registered professional by ERCA
• you successfully complete the ERCA qualified training course, including the final examination, or
• you have already completed non ERCA qualified course. In this case you have to go through ERCA examination process by any ERCA member.

ERCA certification requirements

The certification schemes contain the exact wording of the minimum requirements required from the applicant for certification.

The basic criteria of a certification scheme are as follows:

· Minimum level of education
· General work experience
· Work experience in specific field
· Audit experience
· Training

For detailed information regarding personal certification and ERCA certification criteria, please download the GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION

In case of lack of any requirement of the certification scheme you obtain the provisional certification and after demostrating fulfilment of all certification requirements you will obtain new and regular Certificate.
* No audit experience is required to become a certified manager.

What will you obtain when you gain ERCA certificate?

• ERCA Certificate
• the highest professional recognition and globally recognized qualification
• the logo to use on your documents
• a constant updating of the auditor profile to keep up to date with developments in standards, auditing methodology and industry requirements
• support of your career development

The ERCA certification is a clear statement that the certificants are recognised, qualified and capable auditing professionals.

Everyone who has achieved the ERCA personal certificate is going to adopt the ERCA Code of Ethics which contains the Ethic rules and Professional code of conduct.