European Register
of Certificated Auditors
ERCA certification is an independent and impartial
process that proves professional
competence and skills of individuals.

Personal training


We in ERCA: take a maximum effort to choose the appropriate Tutors/Teachers/Examiners

We carefully as well as under strict regulations choose the people with specific education, experiences, knowledge and skills to suit the needs of global flexible demands for training and personal certification.

Most of our tutors have a university degree in education, more than 10 years of experience in the field. The tutors must have the right skills for explanations, live lectures as well as the training and learning via the most modern ways of using ICT, e-learning techniques and tests.

We usually use experienced audit team leaders for all management systems, welding and material experts, system integration specialist, clinical physicians, environmental specialists, medical devices experts, experts in conformity assessment, ICT governance staff and many others.

For specific lectures and schemes we also invite experts from live working environments which explain critical points of specific activities. This way we bring to our attendants real topics and an in depth scope of training for each specific field.